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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cainberly....and a lesson learned

Do you remember Cainberly?  Here she is in her hayday- April 5,2002!

Here she is almost 9 years later exactly......

And here's the schoolroom...

And my bedroom....

Believe me, I prefer the tranquility of this....

But this......

is my reality.

I have purposefully not posted these to the blog- trying to give myself some time to make sense of it all.  To seek God.  To understand how close to truly meeting my Lord  Abby, Ben, Andy,and I were (about 3 feet, in truth).  We are not the worst off for the wear.  In fact, Andy and I can't bear to hear folks say "I'm so sorry!", even though it comes with the best of intentions.  There are whole towns in Alabama wiped out- Concord, Phil Campbell, Hackelburg....places you never hear on the news.  It's bad.  We are not in the same group of those victims. 

We are inconvenienced.  We're a bit stressed.  We are dusty and disorganized.

But we are not devastated.  We are not destroyed.  We are not homeless.  And we are not hopeless.

I can tell you stories about how it happened.  I can tell you how it looked, how it sounded, how it felt.  I can tell you all of these things- but want I really want to say is this......

He is so good.

So very good.

He brings peace to a time that seems loud and chaotic.  He brings hope to a situation that looks grey and bleak.  He brings love to a home that is buckling under the pressure, and that pressure not of a tree.  He brings grace, oh such sweet grace, to hearts that are hurting, wandering- grasping.

He brings a smile, a tear, a joy everlasting.  He brings gratefulness.  He brings a blessing from shambles.

He brings life.

And what more is to be said than that?


ACrews said...

Oh goody! First to comment. Love your post here! Well done, well said, well IS well sister! Love you lots!

Jayne said...

Amazing how God can show us light in what we would think to be really dark times. Love you lady.