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Sunday, December 30, 2012

One crazy Christmas trip!

Tomorrow we will be heading home from our "2012 Great White North Tour".  It has been the best vacation ever.  That's the trip motto.....I've said it no less than 100 times in the past 10 days.  So here's how it all went down:

Friday the 21st- Birmingham,AL to Forest, Indiana

Sunday the 23rd- Forest, IN to

 Orwell, OH to

Photo: Niagara Falls at night!
 Niagara Falls, NY

Monday the 24th- Niagara Falls to

Essex Junction, VT

Thursday the 27th- Essex Junction, VT to

Boston, MA

Friday the 28th- Boston, MA to


Saturday the 29th- NYC to Beaver, WV

Tomorrow. Monday the 31st- Beaver, WV to Birmingham,AL


If you need me in the next week or so, here's where you can find me...

Fill ya in after a couple of days of rest! ;o)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Uganda trip

Friends, I have been hesitant to post this, but since people are asking I am going to post it because it's the easiest way to let people know......

I have the awesome priviledge of distributing shoeboxes on behalf of Operation Christmas Child in Uganda April 27-May 4.  I have volunteered with this organization for 16 years now and am currently serving as the Birmingham, AL Area Coordinator.  This has been a hope and a dream of mine for a very long time.

Many people have asked how they may contribute to the $3500 I need to raise to be able to go.  Below is the information for making a donation.  All donations are tax deductible.  I have already raised $515!  I must have the remaining balance by March 20.  Thank you so much for prayerfully partnering with me and Samaritan's Purse to reach children through the power of a simple gift.
Checks may be made to Samaritan's Purse with a note attached designating the funds to "Marla Cain's trip to Uganda".  PLease mail to:
Samaritan's Purse
ATTN: Amy DeHart
P.O. Box 3000
Boone, NC 28607
Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) are accepted when supplied with the following information and mailed to the same address as above:
Account number
Expiration Date
Name on credit card
You may also call Amy DeHart with this information at (828)278-1083.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Perspective on Aspberger's

 I don't have Aspberger's.  My children don't have Aspberger's. Having said that, someone I love very much does have Aspberger's.

He's the kindest, gentlest, warmest young man I've ever met.  He's been adorable since the day I met him......the day before my wedding in which he was to be the ringbearer.  I'll never get that image out of my head....super cute little six year old- swinging the ring pillow til the rings go flying and bouncing off the sidewalk of the church!  He and his father quickly collected them out of the bushes just in time for him to go marching down the aisle like nothing ever happened!

Cutest.  Thing.  Ever!

I don't know very much about Aspberger's.

I've been hearing it tossed around a lot in the media since last Friday.  While we all have our thoughts and prayers and fears in regards to what happened in Newtown- one has stuck with me that I just can't shake.......

Aspberger's was not the villain in this heinous incident. 

I worry for my nephew- that he is hearing all of this- and seeing the young man's picture (who was only a year younger than him) and that it could settle in his heart. I pray he finds his identity in Christ- and that that will give him strength and focus.  I continue to pray also that he finds loving and accepting friends who appreciate him for all that he has to offer- and I offer prayers of thanks for the blessing of having the priviledge to be in his family.

If you have a loved one with Aspberger's, what conversations has Friday inspired?  Has it even been an issue? I confess, I've sheltered my children from most of the coverage because I don't want them to be influenced by what the media has portrayed- we have quietly discussed certain aspects and that has been enough.  We continue to pray....with our eyes to the hills from where our help is to come.

Friday, November 30, 2012


So did you notice that I've been enjoying a much needed break since my last review? Between moving Momma to Vermont and Operation Christmas Child National Collection week.....I have been one worn out pup! 
I schooled through the summer off and on so that we could take a break after Thanksgiving.  Reviews were coming to an end for the holidays- co-op work load was changing to our literary unit- I was planning to be exhausted from OCC- so I planned to take a break.  Oh don't get me wrong, we're still working on times tables and reading A LOT...A TON....... but we also crafting, enjoying late mornings, and reading a lot! ;o)
So, I'm enjoying that lovely fireplace a la Yahoo since we were told never to use our fireplace again.  (I'm tellin ya, that's been the biggest loss I've suffered in a log time....and we gave up cable this year!)  And this is the frame of mind I am trying to stay in through Christmas!
I do have to say that I have taken on a new project.  My fabulously devoted and awesome kids' ministry director has started a children's library at church and has asked me help with it.  In all honesty, I think I may have missed my calling.........Librarian.  Definitely should have been a librarian!  It is the most wonderful thing ever to recommend books and sort books and smell books............
So, no need to worry about lil ol me!  I'm drinking lots of cider and tea and reading lots of great books (The Enchanted Places by Christopher Milne, The Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick, and A Mouse Called Wolf by Dick King-Smith) and occassionally getting out from under my electric throw and kids and kitties.
It's the most wonderful time of the year.......

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TOS Review: Growing Up Wild

Meet the Wild family......

Just like you and me, they're an ordinary homeschooling family!

 Well.....except that they live in Indonesia.

 Remote Indonesia.

 As missionaries!

These four boys have grown up with dirt floors and indigenous Indonesians and have they got an awesome store of life experience to share!  In an effort to share a broader world-view with children (ages 5-12), the Wilds have produced a series of DVDs that documents their family life in Indonesia called Growing Up Wild.  We had the opportunity to review Volume 1 and Volume 4 and I cannot say enough about theseDVDs!

Each DVD is broken into three 15 minute segments that address life in Indonesia.  Also accompanying each segment are some great activity ideas to bring the point of each segment home- it might be a field trip idea, craft idea, or a research idea.

Volume 1 contains segments on how they constructed their home, how they ascertain supplies, and how they harness water and power from their natural environment.

Volume 4 contains segments which focus more on the culture the Wilds find themselves submerged in.

Each of the 5 dvds sell for $18.99.  You can save 15% by purchasing them as a set for $80.99+sh.  Each DVD also comes with a CD of activities that is great for implementing whether you're a homeschooler or not!  These videos are very well done and my children ask to watch them over and over.  A reoccurring theme for Friday movie night is "Wild night!" My children connect with these boys that are their age and they find their life, not to mention their hearts, is very intriguing and unique. 

Personally, I think documenting their boys life on the mission field is genius!  How else can children see that they can be used- no matter how big or small they are- for God's glory! And between you and me, the other 3 dvds that we didn't get as part of the review WILL show up in somebody's stocking Christmas morning!

Click to read Crew Reviews

Disclaimer:  As part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was given this product in exchange for an honest and objective review.

Friday, November 9, 2012

TOS Review: Grace and Truth Books' Raising Maidens of Virtue

Can I just say that I truly appreciate the awesome opportunities to review fabulous products that I have through the Review Crew?  Sometimes a product (or a company) comes along that I get very excited about!  Grace & Truth Books is one of those companies, and Raising Maidens of Virtue is one of those products!

Grace & Truth Books has a vast selection of God glorifying literature available through books, ebooks, DVDs and videos, bibles, and audiobooks.  According to their own statement, they are much more concerned with strengthening God's people and bringing them joy and knowledge than the attempt at following secular trends that consume most Christian bookstores.

I was given the choice of ten products from which to pick a book to review.  Though they all looked fabulous, I was drawn to the title Raising Maidens of Virtue.

Abby is hitting the age where conversations about life and godliness have to take a more feminine turn.  This book is amazing!  Not only is it full of great insight and biblical truths regarding everything from modesty of outward adornment to contentment and a gentle spirit- but it also contains focused questions at the end of each chapter that aid in facilitating intimate discussions with your own maiden.  You will find at the end of the book a rich literary resource list, plans for hostessing a "maidens" luncheon, and ideas for some beautiful memory making activities.

I look forward to sharing this book with Abby.  I look forward to snuggling with tea and talking about these things that will challenge both us to strive together towards being more like the ladies our Maker intended.

Raising Maidens of Virtue is available from Grace & Truth Books for $18.50.  Author Stacy McDonald suggests that daughter s aged 12-16 may receive the most from the concepts in the book- but only you can know when your maiden may be ready.

While I felt this to be a case of "fit words in due season", you can see what the other Crewmates had to say about it AND the nine other options from Grace & Truth....

Click to read Crew Reviews
Disclaimer:  As a member of The OldSchollhouse Review Crew, I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and objective review.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What a week.....

Tomorrow I will hop on a plane to Detroit.  Then I'll hop on a plane to Birmingham.  So ends one fabulous adventure.

I haven't had an adventure in so very long.  I'd like to thank Momma for sponsoring this one.  It was the best trip and I'm so glad to have spent the time with her.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TOS Review: Apologia's Journeys of Faithfulness

And another great from Apologia Journeys of Faithfulness comes from author Sarah Clarkson.  This book covers the lives of Mary and Martha, Ruth, Esther, and Mary the mother of Jesus with the intent of deepening the spiritual journey of readers.

Each chapter in Journeys of Faithfulness is a somewhat fictionalized account of the feelings, hopes, insights, thoughts, and interactions of these beloved biblical matriarchs.  After these stories there are bible readings and devotional questions to answer to help readers become more invested in what they've just read.

I love all things Apologia, and I love all things Sarah Clarkson......but I had a hard time engaging Abby in this book.  I'd love to share it with her but it will certainly have to come down the road.....maybe 15 or so.  There are a lot of feelings to explore and I'm not sure she is ready for that kind of emotional load- but it was tagged for 12 and up and she's only 10- so we fell on the low end!  Also, sometimes I struggle with portrayals of biblical characters that are embellished- it's hard for me to explain what has been fictionalized to Abby......and to remember that it has been fictionalized myself!  This book was, of course, very well-written and full of much to ponder and embrace.

All of that to say- it's an inspiring book- and would make a lovely Christmas gift ($13) for those girls in your life that are on the mid to upper end of the teen years and up!  Feel free to see what other Crewmates had to say....

Click to read Crew Reviews

Disclaimer:  As a part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and objective review.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Great Big Long Drive

Today a big dream of mine came true! (Yes, it's been a great week for Marla's dreams coming to fruition!)  I am right now, this very minute, sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Williston, Vermont!  I drove with my Momma as she is making her move to the Great North.

It was a beautiful drive thru nine states- Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and finally Vermont. Great weather- only saw snow on the tops of mountains. The hardest leg was thru New Jersey.

She's torn up pretty badly, Friends.  We didn't go close enough to NYC to see the destruction there but there was much in NJ that reminded me of driving down into Mississippi the first time after Katrina.  Pray for those affected by Sandy.

Now, I'm off to bed.  The truck comes to deliver Mom's worldly possessions tomorrow and that makes for an exhausting day ahead.

Momma promises some Vermont fun after the work is done. *SQUEAL*

TOS Review: Activity Bags (Math Games)

Games.  Just the mention of the word turns "school"time into playtime!  Who cares if they're still LEARNING?!  After all, it's a GAME!

is a fabulous resource for schooling, playing, even waiting!  The idea behind their products is that you can construct "busy" bags out of items you already may have lying about your house.  These bags could be used to entertain your littles while schooling your bigs, or to keep littles happy while waiting for a doctor appointment.  They could possibly be used to supplement math or science curriculum, or to make long road trips less monotonous.

We recently had the opportunity to review Math Games in a Bag by the Activity Bags company.  This ebook came complete with over 33 ideas and instructions for building gallon-size bags of math fun!

Personal favorite?  My kids LOVE to "Take orders"!  Abby especially loves to get a pad of paper and write down what you would like for dessert and then fetch it from the kitchen.  I would have to say "Math Menu" is our personal favorite. Choosing from a take out menu, kids can take down orders on order forms, then add the total including a tip.  What an AWESOME way to learn budgeting and how much those beverages add up to!  There are many others than are fabulously creative- and they address quite a range of math skills so this is something you could definitely use for more than one year.

Now, the best part is swapping...yep- that's right.  Swapping.  You (or a friend) organize a swap where you get a number of friends (let's say 10) to make 10 of one math game.  You choose a date to get together for coffee and swap with everyone the 10 bags you made that were all the same for one of each of their bags- coming home with 10 different busy bags!  The ebook is $15.00 and each bag averages around a dollar to build, depending on the supplies you have at home and the project you choose.

About six years ago I co-ordinated a swap with the Preschool Activities in a Bag ebook.  We had 25 people participate!  Coordinating was not that bad and I had 25 amazing activities for the kids when it was done.  I brought the bags out slowly for the kids, and my "bags of tricks" lasted for at least a year!  If you're interested in co-ordinating a swap, check out Activity Bags' free handbook.  Also, they are offering a free e-sampler by filling out a quick survey on their homepage.

This is a very beneficial product- in so many ways- and we really enjoyed the opportunity to use it.  If you'd like to see what the Crew had to say about the Math Games in a Bag or one of Activity Bags' other products....

 Click to read Crew Reviews

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the e-book Math Games in a Bag as part of the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for an honest and objective review.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

7 years of waiting........

and the time has finally come.
I will be distributing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in Nairobi April 27-May 4.

Friday, October 26, 2012

TOS Review: Beloved Books "The Sugar Creek Gang"

Never have I been more thrilled to participate in a review than I have been with this selection from Beloved Books! Born from a heart to serve up delicious, wholesome, biblical-based entertainment to wanting families, Beloved Books' website is full of tasty audio treats from bible memory to missionary lives to G.A. Henty to anything in between!

For our complete listening pleasure, we received The Sugar Creek Gang, Volume I CDs.  Written by Paul Hutchens in 1939, The Sugar Creek Gang is the tale of a group of boys, all choosing to live their life to glorify God while exploring the world around them.  These stories have it all- action, adventure, science, struggles, nature- and their told with the heart of a ten year old boy, desperate to please the Lord.  There are so many glimpses of grace, forgiveness, conviction, teamwork, trust, faith, and so many more biblical virtues that we, as parents, want to see presented before our children.   Produced by Moody Press, Volume 1 of the Sugar Creek Gang CDs includes 12 CDs with the following stories:
  • The Swamp Robber
  • The Killer Bear
  • The Winter Rescue
  • The Lost Campers
  • Chicago Adventure
  • The Secret Hideout
I have to add a personal testimony here....I recently allowed my children to listen to a questionable story that took us two months to complete.  In retrospect, it was a tough two months for the Cains.  Things were being said that typically would not be said and hearts were hard and ugly to one another.  We received The Sugar Creek Gang just as that story was ending, and as we began to listen, I saw quite the change in our family!  I saw children begin to compromise and be kind to each other again.  I saw consideration and kindness come back to their hearts.  Truly, if you put trash in, you get trash out......For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks!

There are 36 stories in the Sugar Creek Gang series, which is 100 hours of great fun over 72 CDs!  The stories are compiled into 6 volumes, each available for $54.95 from Beloved Books.  If you would like to try a sample first, you can order the first story in the series entitled Swap Robber for $4.95 which includes shipping! WHAT A GREAT STOCKING STUFFER!!

I can nearly PROMISE that you will fall in love with these characters and stories!  My kids beg me to turn them on the second we get in the car and my son has declared this to be the BEST ABSOLUTE BEST thing we have gotten to review yet!  Still yet, if you'd like to see what others on the Crew had to say about it.....

 Click to read Crew Reviews

Disclaimer: As a member of the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was given this product in exchange for an objective and honest review.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Hand-made Christmas?

Every year I say that I want to make all of our Christmas presents.  I came pretty close a couple of years ago.  It took a lot of planning and I began way back in September to get everything finished on time- and even then I ended up buying a few gifts.

This year, I am determined that after collection week for Operation Christmas Child- you will most likely find me attached to thread, a needle, or a sewing machine.  Honestly, I'm truly looking forward to it!  I hope that my lack of planning won't hinder any efforts!

Do you like to make Christmas gifts?  What's on your project list this year?  While I can't share specific items (because there are those whom I craft for that read my blog), I can share some great projects I saw on Pinterest!  And also a lovely crafting book!

Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations

I have maxed my renewals out for this book at the library!  It has the simplest, most awesomely adorable projects for the holidays! You can find it over at Amazon.

Wow! Turn handwritten recipes (your mom's handwriting? your grandma's?) into tea towels for your kitchen! WHAT A GREAT GIFT IDEA!

Actually found this on Pinterest, but it lives over at a blog called Spoonflower.  The guest author, Emma, leads you through how to make a kitchen towel out of a hand-written recipe! LOVE this!  Who doesn't have an old recipe in their grandmother's handwriting that they wouldn't love to see more often?

Pinned Image

Um, y'all know I love tea, right?! Is this not the cutest thing ever?  Also found it on Pinterest, but I can't find where it lives or any instructions- so would seriously need to wing it.....but it's totally do-able!

And I'll leave you with this super sweet wrapping idea......

I am love LOVE LOVING this blog, Vintage with Laces.  To any of you who may know me, go check it out and you'll see why.  Stunning, positively stunning!

Ok, now you have to share your inspiration with me, Dears! Come, motivate me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TOS Review: Dayspring's The Pilgrim Story

Recently we were offered a six month subscription to an online curriculum from Dayspring Christian Academy.  Ususally, honestly, I tend to cringe a smidge when it comes to online curriculum; however, after investigating (and the time of year it happens to be) I decided it might be good for us to give it a shot.

After all, I like a well rounded portfolio of reviews for you folks.  ;o)

I am so glad I did!  The Pilgrim Story, based on the Principle Approach which holds to a biblically providential view of history, is very well done and is visually striking!  Information is disseminated by way of a slide show.  There are many resources available for downloading and printing to go along with each lesson. My 5th grader thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and also enjoyed the activities that accompanied them.  I enjoyed the introduction which provided me with more than enough to feel like I had my legs under me and could jump on in. Here is the course content:

Pilgrims Story - Introduction

Unit One
*King Henry
*Geneva Bible
*Life in Scrooby
*Liberty of Conscience
-- Unit One Test

Unit Two
*Leaving England
*The Second Escape Attempt
*Preparing to Go
--Unit Two Test

Unit Three
*Leaving Leiden
*Conditions on the Mayflower
*Building Christian Character
--Unit Three Test

Unit Four
*The Mayflower Compact
*The First Winter
--Unit Four Test

Unit Five
*Spring, 1621
*The Wampanoag People
*The Rest of the Story (the next three years) --Unit Five Test

Virtual Field Trip
The cost for this program is $99 - less than $17 per month- which will open the website to you for six months. A beauty of this program is that you can move at your own pace- but more so is the fact that our heritage is represented as God centered.  We are truly enjoying this great opportunity.  My kids like to sit at the table with my laptop and the binders I made them and I think they would listen for hours if I let them!

I will say that there is one negative that I have found with the program.  Downloading.  It literally took me three hours to down load each lessons individual activity sheets and get them in binders.  You must open each lesson, then choose the file to download, and save it.  TAKES.  FOREVER.  I would think a more efficient way would be to have a single file that parents could download where they could print everything they wanted at one time.  I have  issue with online programs that are pricey and you still must pay to print- I'm cheap that way- and I suppose you could call that a second negative.

Having said that, I still think the information and design is fabulous!  And if you'd like to check out what others had to say....

Click to read Crew Reviews

Disclaimer:  I was given a six month subscription to this curriculum as part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for an honest and objective review.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TOS Review:Zoowhiz

Is it bad if you, the parent, have just as much fun playing your 8 year old's educational games as he does?

We recently had the opportunity to review an online learning game called Zoowhiz.  Zoowhiz challenges kids in the areas of math, reading, word skills, punctuation and grammar.  It is intended for children ages 5-15.  The premise is that your little zoologist accomplish some learning, thereby earning, and is able to purchase animals in a shop in the Biodome.  This is an awesome incentive, in my opinion, because as your child earns the coins to purchase the animal he desires, he also has the opportunity to learn about that animal's habitat, diet, whether or not it is threatened, and lots of general information about the creature.

Parents and students are able to keep track of how they're doing via  a progress chart.....

and kids can even pick a zoologist to play as!

 A great feature to note is that you can edit your child's profile from the parent page.  This is AWESOME because I needed to change Ben's age floor.  That little guy is a smarty and aged activities are generally a little behind for him.  This thrilled him, and me, because he didn't have to trudge along through what he calls "a baby game"- he was challenged and engaged!  Here are a few examples of the activities.

I haven't even shared the best part with you yet!  Would you believe me if I told you it is only $14.95?  No, silly- not per month!  PER YEAR!!!  You just can't beat that!  Oh, and they have Australian accents- that was pretty cool, too! ;o)

So hop on over and give Zoowhiz a shot! There's a free version just waiting for you!  Your little ones will be thrilled!  If you'd like to check out more reviews.......

 Click to read Crew Reviews
Disclaimer:  As part of The OldSchoolhouse Review Crew, my family was given an account to Zoowhiz in exchange for an honest and objective review.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Score One For the Parents

I love my children with a fierce, true, passionate love.

I needed to start by saying that.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, my day began unraveling the moment my feet hit the floor.  Abby woke up in INTENSE pain from a malfunction with the braces, Tolley the cat needed to be dropped off to be declawed (another story in itself!) by a certain time, I had to post a review and be at tennis.....and all of this had to happen in an hour and a half.

Did I mention tennis is 30 minutes away?

I kissed Andy and sent him on his way to work in a haste because he was late for a meeting.  I called the orthodontist and wrestled kitty-soon-to-be-soft-paws into her carrier and headed to the bedroom to get dressed. (Thank goodness I had already made myself a cup of coffee!)

In came Andy!

"My truck is broke!  The key won't go in or turn anything!"

SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!  I could smell the burnt tires of my daycome to a grinding halt.  Where DID that cup of coffee go?????????

Long story short......Ben had played in the driver seat, locked up the steering wheel, and snapped a switch rod in the steering column.  Don't worry, he's still alive.

Andy had to take the day off, find a lock and key guy, and pay $450 to have it fixed.

Still alive- stop sweating.

We decided NOT to punish Ben in the heat of the moment because this was too big. This was a "Pray and get our wits about us" offense.  Andy truly won my heart (for the 4,357,291st time).  He had us all meet at the table.  He drew a picture of the parts in the steering wheel and explained to Ben what his careless playing had done. He told him how much it cost to fix it and, to make sure he understood the amount, compared it to the recent trip he had taken the kids on to Wendy's. "25 trips to Wendy's, Ben." Ben's eyes, already quite large, looked like the Harvest Moon!

Now please understand, this was not a planned expense for us and we are actually covering it with money set aside to pay towards Abby's braces.  This, infact, is a hardship for us.

SO I look at it like this......we could have spanked Ben, thrown him in his room, grounded him for life and sold all of his toys to help cover the cost.........or........we could teach him about consequences, hardship, grace, and ultimately forgiveness. Not to mention a lesson on how much his Momma and Daddy love him, no matter what he may do.

But don't get me wrong.........he's gonna be cleaning kitty boxes from now til he's 30!

Monday, October 8, 2012

TOS Review: Beeyoutiful Skin Make-up

Beeyoutiful is a company that I have had the pleasure of reviewing for in the past, but today I'd like to introduce you to their Mineral Makeup line that is made of 100% pure minerals, is all natural and gluten free. As part of this review, I received 1 Mineral Foundation, 1 Foundation brush, 1 Eye and/or Lip Color, 1 Combo brush and 1 DVD.

Beeyoutiful Skin make-up is pure, natural, and gluten free. It's free of fillers, preservatives, fragrance, and chemicals as binders. Their mineral powders are made from crushed minerals extracted from the earth's surface which are safe to use on skin, even the most sensitive skin. The entire makeup line is all-powder to keep it in its pure and natural state.

Speaking of sensitive skin- boy does this girl have it!  I've always taken advantage of the great skin God has blessed me with......and now I'm paying for it!  The older I get the more persnickety my largest organ gets!  I was thrilled the first time I applied the foundation!  Why, you ask?

Weightless.  Flawless.  It was fabulous!  Only possibly to be topped by the ultra luxurious application brush!  Oh, and another thing!  I am fair skinned- I'm talkin' Snow White after a summer spent indoors!  And would you believe they actually had a foundation color to match my skin perfectly?!  All foundations are $25.00 each for 3.65 grams.  The Foundation Brush is $11.

The eye-shadow color I chose was Moss and let me tell you, it is shimmery and sassy!  It covers so nicely and the small container goes a long way!  The application brush was also nice in that it is flat and not bushy and one end is short and angled so that you use it for lips or to line your eyes.  All eye colors are $10.00 each and the Multi-Purpose Brush is $6.50.

The second color I chose was Cinnamon Rose and- believe it or not- I used it on my lips!  I wasn't too sure about trying this but I applied some lip balm, brushed it on, and loved it!  It was very subtle and not flashy.  It wins major points for the men in your life who do not like to be left with "kissy lips" after a smooch! (Like my hubs!)

Itell you, the more I see of this company, the more I am impressed by them!  But if you'd like to see what otherreviewers thought...
Click to read Crew Reviews

Disclaimer:  As a part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was given the above products in exchange for an honest and objective review.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Asking for help is hard.

I just sent out an email to most of the ladies I do life with- asking for help.  Why is asking for help so hard?  It's nearly painful.  I feel like I'm imposing, bothering, nagging- just asking for help.

I need to help my momma move from Gulfport,MS to Burlington,VT.  I'm the only person in our family with a flexible schedule.  With no family in town- I am hard-pressed to find help with the kiddos.  Andy has some time he can take off- but not 7 days!

I think about my friends and how I love being asked for help.  And I wonder why it is so doggone hard to ask for help.

If you need help with your lovelies.....please call me!  Just not the first week of November.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Concoction? Child, please!

Yes, concoction!  That's what she called it!  That's what she called my COOKING!



Why don't you go concoct yourself some Frosted Flakes and see if I CONCOCT breakfast for you anymore!!  And THIS is what she's turning her nose up at.....
Lemon Monkey Bread sounds so good!
Lemon Monkey Pull-Apart Bread

Sausage baked inside pancake muffins
Sausage Pancake muffins

blueberry cheese rolls, good for brunch and only 4 ingredients :)
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

Crescent rolls, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, butter and cinnamon...I think SO!
Cinnamon Cream Cheese Crescents

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Ya see what I'm sayin'?? These are all fabulous recipes from Pinterest that I've tried out that were DELICIOUS!!!

 I got up early this morning to bake something for breakfast before church.  Abs yells from her room, "Momma, what are you making?  It's not one of your CRAZY CONCOCTIONS is it???"  Then little Ben comes in to where I am busily whipping up a (very healthy all grain, no preservs, etc) boxed muffin mix and very seriously shouts out "OOOOOOO!!!!! HOMEMADE!!!!"

Totally invalidating all of the scrumptious, truly homemade yummies I have ever made him for breakfast.