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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The day after Valentine's Day......

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I am a hopeless romantic.  Maybe to a fault.  Poor Andy.

Some Valentine's days at the Cain house are all frilly cards and roses- there's even been a surprise steak dinner thrown in before.  Some Valentine's days at the Cain house are "I love you" with the conotation of "That's gotta be enough this year."  This year- well, this year was the best---but not for any of the reasons you might think.

There were no chocolates.  No florist's delivery truck. No big bucks spent at Hallmark.  This year there was a piece of paper on my dinner plate when I came to the table.  A card printed off of the computer... it simply said "Love" on the front and "Happy Valentine's Day" on the inside.  But in that distinct handwriting of my Sweetheart's was "I love you very much, Andy".  All caps.

All caps.

We had a candlelit dinner with a fabulous chocolatey dessert together, the four of us.  We read our favorite Valentine stories, A Charlie Brown Valentine and Cranberry Valentine, and then the kids were off to bed.  We were going to pick a movie together, but Andy got tired of me Netflix surfing- so he started "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"! Yes, it made me giggle.  I was thinking "Sleepless in Seattle" or "An Affair to Remember".  He had never seen a Marilyn movie.

I can't stand Marilyn movies.

I piddled, folded laundry, and headed to bed.

At this point you may be wondering why I would consider this the best Valentine's Day yet.

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That's what did it.  That's what singled out this year's V-day as the best.  Not puppy-love.  Not lust-love.  Not my crazy romantic movie idea of love.  Sweet, enduring, in the day-to-day love.  Last year was hard on me and Andy.  I would even say that at one point, I wasn't sure that we would make it through together.  Maybe that's what made this such a special Valentine's Day
  ......appreciation .....devotion .....acceptance...


(in caps)


Beth said...

I LOVE this post! I literally had to run to the bathroom, so no one at work would see me cry. I would've traded a thousand roses for the chance to have what you had last night. It's so easy to get caught up in all the stuff that comes along with Valentine's Day. But this is what's really important. A year apart from my husband has made me realize more than ever that romance comes in many different forms!

Momma said...

I hope you make it a point to make sure Andy sees this! Beautiful!!! Love you Peanut!!

Julianna Lawson said...

This is just wonderful :).