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Saturday, July 21, 2012

My stash of goods.......

Cainberly's on the verge of bursting at the seams!  Shelves and shelves of lovely books! Shelves of great curriculum!  What to do with all of this wonderful means of learning??

Well, remember a few weeks ago when I posted "Why I Do What I Do"?  My passion is to help fellow homeschoolers along on their journey.  Sooo....I just want to put this out there......

If you see something that I have reviewed that you would like to borrow- please let me know.  I haven't done any giveaways for this very reason.  I want to be able to share all of these blessings that  have been brought my way!  That's not to say that I will NEVER have a giveaway, mind you!  One may be coming any day now.... ;o)......but I have been intentionally building a supply to share.  Even if you live out of town, let me know- maybe we can work something out!

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