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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A week in Gulfport

The kids and I headed off for a week of fun after VBS.  Af ter leading crafts for 70 preschoolers- I find that the day after the last day of VBS is the PERFECT time for a vacay!!!!!!  :o)

We hit Nonny's and headed off to a super fun new waterpark attached to a hotel in Bay St Louis called Barnacle Bill's.
Barnacle Bill's was a blast because there was NO water above my kids heads- which meant I could relax a bit and enjoy myself.....

with my sister......

and my momma!

The kids REALLY enjoyed themselves as well!  This is the summer of swimming for the Cain kiddos!  They're really taking to it and their confidence in the water has grown.... finally!

Ben doesn't look happy...but he is I promise!!

After such fun at Barnacle Bill's, the kids began a week long Ocean Expo Marine Camp at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulf Port.  I admit....I was jealous.  And for some reason I could never seem to get an answer when I asked when the "mommy" camp would be held!

They got to go fishing on a pontoon boat, seining, crabbing, touch crabs and animals in a touch tank, see a dolphin training exercise, study the gulf , and go to the beach.  They talked about gulf ecology, marine mammals, pollution, and lots of other awesomely interesting ocean topics!  Abby got to take an excursion to Ship Island for a day even!
While the kids were having their fun..........the ladies decided to have some of their own!!!!  Dolphin smoochies, anyone???

What?  Don't like fishie breath?  Well how about just some tummy rubbing then?

Bo REALLY enjoyed the tummy rub!

When the day was over, God treated me to one amazing sunset......just to top it all off-
And then the last day of camp we thanked everyone and headed to the movies....cuz who could pass up Cars2 in 3-D???  When we came out, God gave me a sign......

to go shop for a little bit at the Maxx! (My favorite!)..........

before someone stole my debit card number and drained my checking account!


But the bank terminated my card and is restoring the money to my accout- so all's well that ends well!  It was a fun week!

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Stopping by from the Crew! I am loving your blog! And the marine science camp looks amazing! My girls would love that! We adore Alabama and go to Fort Morgan at least once a year. Heaven! Don't get me started on TJ MAxx- my fave!!! Love the "sign"- so cute! Lori